About Us

Maxi Saver Group, Inc. publishes the military leaders in their fields: Maxi Saver (coupons) and Money $aver (price values). Maxi Saver is the only promotional vehicle that reaches every commissary worldwide and promotes more brands to military patrons than any other military FSI.  Maxi Saver is unique in handing out to patrons in stores worldwide.


Money $aver is hand distributed in all Conus commissaries with the most in-commissary circulation available.


TAKE N' SAVE is a coupon dispenser with various shelf attachments designed to fit any shelf, refrigerator or freezer in commissaries. The coupons are 4-color and can expand in size to accommodate any message including a recipe.


We feature our promotional vehicles online at www.commissarysavings.com for all registered users to view in advance of their commissary shopping trip.


2017 marks Maxi Saver Group's 30th year of delivering savings directly into the patron's hands at the point of purchase.