Mission Statement

Who We Are And Our Mission Statement:


Our employees are trained to put the customer first.


Combined we have more than 100 years serving you and the military. 


The men and women at Maxi Saver Group are dedicated to producing the best possible promotional products in the military market, and to accept any challenge to our leadership by going the extra mile, and then some. We respect our co-workers, and give them the opportunity to meet and exceed any challenge.  We encourage our employees to aspire to reach their full potential. 


We support human rights.  Our employees are ethnically and racially diverse and we value their differences.



We will continue to be the leader in promotional media serving DeCA, the patron, and the manufacturer . 


We are committed to bringing results, and will continue to develop innovative ways to reach our market no matter any obstacles.  We are accountable for what we do, and do not shirk our responsibilities. 


We believe that our company’s success depends on our clients’ success.  We do not accept constraints in reaching for the highest goals.


If we make a mistake we will do our best to correct it. We respect our clients with honesty and integrity. 


We believe that doing the right thing is good for Maxi Saver Group and our clients.